On this installment of Meet Your Maker, Rachel Wharton sits down with Mark Ramadan and Scott Norton of Sir Kensington's Gourmet Scooping Ketchup. Tune in to hear Mark and Scott talk about their idea for an alternative, gourmet ketchup while studying at Brown University. A lot of research went into making this gourmet ketchup; hear about the impetus for this undertaking, and why it proved to be difficult to create a place for gourmet ketchup in a Heinz-dominated market. Why is ketchup loved by so many? Mark and Scott talk about how ketchup covers all ranges of tastes- from sweet to tart. Hear about ketchup's history in the 1500s and why Mark and Scott created the Sir Kensington character. This episode has been brought to you by Edwards.

"Part of what ketchup means to people is the experience of the bottle. It is seeing the certain flow of the actual ketchup itself and the viscosity. I think one of the things we really hit on is how we can be different just different enough from the ketchup that people are used to, but people will still call it ketchup. Putting it in the bottle at a restaurant immediately communicates, 'OK, this can be called ketchup,' because it comes from outside the kitchen." -- Scott Norton on Meet Your Maker