This week on Meet Your Maker, Rachel Wharton and John Taggart are talking with Craig Weinand, the VP of Operations for Americraft and 360 Cookware. Tune in to learn how German metal-working immigrants made Wisconsin the capital of cookware production. Craig talks about all of the different metals and techniques that go into Americraft's pots and pans. Find out why Americraft's developments allow for greener production! Hear why the company feels that it's important that Americraft products are made in the U.S.A., and why they work with local suppliers. How do Americraft pots and pans hold up against traditional cast iron? Tune in to Meet Your Maker to find out! This episode has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures.



"All of our cookware uses the moisture that's in the food naturally... and the metal in the cookware allows for cooking with medium heat." [11:45]

"Most of our vendors are within an hour of our factory. That's part of the reason we're in Wisconsin; the remnants of the industry are still here." [22:00]

-- Craig Weinand on Meet Your Maker