Megan O'Connor and Tricia Keels cook across the Midwest on their blog and podcast entitled No Chefs Allowed! This week on Meet Your Maker, Rachel Wharton and John Taggart sit down with Megan and Tricia to talk about how they came up with the idea for No Chefs Allowed after discovering horseradish root in the grocery store. Why did they choose podcasts as the medium for their message? What are some of the more interesting ingredients that Megan and Tricia featured? How has the radio show inspired Megan and Tricia to cook dishes that would not ordinarily attempt to make? Tune in to hear how the Chicago and Colombus food scenes differ! This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods.



"It (the blog) catapults us into cooking things that we think we don't have time for." [23:15] -- Tricia Keels on Meet Your Maker

"Most of what we do on the show is try to make food that our family will eat for dinner." [28:30] -- Megan O'Connor on Meet Your Maker