Antonella Rana brings authentic Italian pasta to the Chelsea Market via Giovanni Rana Pastifico and Cucina! This week on Meet Your Maker, Rachel Wharton sits down with Antonella to talk pasta-making, opening a restaurant, and Italian tradition. Learn about the Rana family history and regional fresh pasta in Italy. Hear about Giovanni Rana Pastifico and Cucina's late opening due to Superstorm Sandy, and how they dealt with the potential loss of fresh food during the storm. How does fresh pasta differ from dried pasta in Italian culture? Listen in for more on seasonality, regional cuisine, and classic Italian cookware! This episode has been sponsored by Whole Foods.



"I tell my colleagues in Italy that the restaurant is my university because every single guest is a lesson about food, approach... about everything!" [7:50]

"Dried pasta is an ingredient, fresh pasta is a meal." [16:20]

-- Antonella Rana on Meet Your Maker