Tune in as Out East Foodie blogger Laura Luciano joins Rachel Wharton on this week's episode of Meet Your Maker! Laura discusses sustainable living out in Eastern Long Island and the process of building a sustainable home while keeping up with her popular food blog. Listen in as she talks about the local foods, farms, and fisheries that have inspired articles and dishes in her blog as well as her geothermal and solar home that will be self sustaining and the perfect place for the Out East Feast. Follow the excitement as she cooks, keeps bees, gardens, and is soon to tend a chicken coop! This program was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.

"The out east and the east end speaks to the way we want to live our life." [8:40]

"Out East Foodie and this house that we're building is synonymous." [10:29]

"The farmers are salt of the earth people and to be in the middle of that is so exciting to me." [23:14]


--Laura Luciano on Meet Your Maker