Meet your metal-maker! On this week's episode, Rachel Wharton in joined in the studio by Erin Daily and Brian Weissman of Brooklyn Metal Works. Tune into this episode to hear Rachel, Erin, Brian talk about getting started in working metal. Find out how Erin and Brian toy with the delicate balance of form and function to create truly unique pieces of tableware. How do Erin and Brian use metal to make statements about disposable culture and functionality? Hear how Brooklyn Metal Works collaborated with Brooklyn Glass for an event called Brooklyn Creates! Find out what materials Erin and Brian use, and how using certain metals in food applications affect the look of the object. This episode has been sponsored by Fairway Market.

"I like to riff on the concepts and ideas behind disposable culture and methods of eating. I've done a series on disposable utensils used Japanese lacquer to build up the layers." [12:40] -- Erin Daily on Meet Your Maker