Coffee, bananas, chocolate, and tea- and it's all fair trade! This week on Meet Your Maker, Rachel Wharton and John Taggart are speaking with Rodney North, "the Answer Man" for Equal Exchange. Tune into this episode to learn about the roots of Equal Exchange twenty-seven years ago in Latin America! Learn how Equal Exchange and other fair trade organizations provide alternative market avenues for for small producers all over the world. How has the idea of fair trade spurred change in the conventional market? Fair trade ideas have proven to be risky in Laten America; how does subverting the commercial status quo endanger farmers? Find out on this week's episode of Meet Your Maker! Thanks to our sponsor, Whole Foods Market.

"If you don't know the issues, or the stories behind the products, then you can't act- so we were trying to change that." [13:25] -- Rodney North on Meet Your Maker