How are sausages made and who makes them? Well, this week on Meet Your Maker hosted by Rachel Wharton, we meet a sausage maker and charcutier in Scott Bridi of Brooklyn Cured. Scott breaks down how to break down meat products into fresh sausages and cured deliciousness. The craft of curing and sausage making is time tested but ever-evolving, and Scott explains what brought him to this side of the culinary world and what makes his products unique in their own right. This program was sponsored by The Heritage Meat Shop.

"Analyzing variables is the heart of what would make somebody really good at making sausages and charcuteire."

"Demand for prime cuts leave lots of small farmers with an excess of chuck meat. Sometimes they can't sell those things to restaurants or at farmers markets as-is. That's a problem for them, and something we enjoy helping them with."

--Scott Bridi of Brooklyn Cured on Meet Your Maker