On today's episode of Meet Your Maker, our host Rachel Wharton is joined by Heritage Radio Network veteran Meg Paska. Meg is responsible for many New York City urban farming initiatives such as Brooklyn Homesteader and Hayseed's Big City Farmy Supply. Meg has been homesteading in Brooklyn for years now- raising chickens and rabbits, gardening, and preserving foods. What led Meg to pack her bags and leave Baltimore for Brooklyn? Tune in to learn about how Meg's past jobs made her realize her need to learn the homesteading skills of her grandparents. Do you remember the first time you ate a "real" tomato? Hear about how the truth in the fruit inspired Meg, and how she's starting a farm in New Jersey while still teaching farming and beekeeping workshops in Brooklyn! This episode has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures.

"Part of the workshop goes into managing waste and turning it into something that's valueable, starting with composting. Also, it involves finding useful materials in the waste stream and bringing them in and using them in practical way." -- Meg Paska on Meet Your Maker