Do vegetables exist? Where did watermelons originally come from? How far can Harry spit a watermelon seed? We’re going to answer these questions and many more in the first episode of Time For Lunch, a show for young eaters, from Heritage Radio Network. Time For Lunch is a place to learn about eating, cooking, enjoying and sometimes playing with your food. Each episode we cover a new subject; taking a close look at one item, or ingredient, that might be found at the lunch table. Hosted by Harry Rosenblum and Hannah Fordin, the show looks at food through the lens of history, culture, and play to celebrate and learn about the people and places that feed us. This episode is all about melons! We speak with farmer Nat Bradford about a very special watermelon he grows in South Carolina and botanist and rooftop farmer Annie Novak tells us about the difference between fruits and vegetables.

Illustration by Hannah Fordin

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