Konjit Zewge, at the age of 89, documented her succulent dishes in her book Yemouya Kouncho. She wrote her book for the sole purpose of passing the art of preparing traditional Ethiopian cuisine to the next generation. Her parents' home was always filled with extended family, neighbors and other visitors who delighted in the savory dishes. Running the household was traditionally the women's job and learning how to prepare food started at an early age. As an ardent student, Zewge made it a point to write down procedures, the various ingredients and amount used in recipes. Her book has been translated to English by her daughter, Mesrak Mekonnen. Mekonnen lives in San Francisco.

ethiopian food

"If you want to eat by yourself they might say, hey, are you mad at somebody, why do you want to eat by yourself? You should share from the same plate!" [12:30] – Mesrak Mekonnen