This week on Metropolitan Ave., DJ Lady DM invites Mount Moon into the studio to play some of his new wave-influenced pop music. Tune into this episode to hear how Wesley Bryon got his start playing in pop punk bands. What musicians from his hometown of Greenville inspired his sound and aesthetic? Hear about Wesley's visual art projects, and why he decided to name his project after a cave featured in the original Pokemon games. Find out about Wesley's life underground as a busker, and how that has helped him book shows in New York City. This program has been brought to you by Tekserve.


"After all of my bands broke up, I needed to keep playing music, so I taught myself guitar." [13:15]

"I'm not really loud enough to play at a lot subway stations... you need like eight buckets and you need to be pounding on them!" [22:10]

-- Mount Moon on Metropolitan Ave.