Joya Bravo is a violinist, singer, songwriter and true "Afropunk". She is this week's guest on Metropolitan Ave, where she chats with DJ Lady DM about playing in Subways, doing commercials for McDonalds and juggling gigs, projects and collaborations as an independent musician. Tune in for some exclusive live performances and incredible insights into the life of an underground artist. Also on the show, Aurora Pfeiffer of Atlantic Records calls in to give aspiring songwriters advice. This program was sponsored by Tekserve.



"Thankfully the subway is a great place to make a living and also sharpen and refine my artistry while desensitizing myself to the perils of the negative parts of being an artist. I've grown a lot - it's been 7 months that I've been living off doing wedding gigs and playing in the subway." [19:00]

--Joya Bravo on Metropolitan Ave