DJ Lady DM is back for another episode of Metropolitan Ave. featuring Workman Song and Keith D'Arcy of Songs Music Publishing! Tune into this episode to hear DJ Lady DM and Keith talk about his past life as a college radio junkie and an audio engineer. How did Keith get involved with music licensing? Find out more about Keith's niche in catalog acquisition and sync licensing, and how he has placed psychedelic rock from the 1960s in feature films and television shows. Later, hear some songs from Sean McMahon and Workman Song! How did Western Massachusetts inspire Sean's writing, and why did he decide to leave for the big city? Hear about some of Sean's other projects based in Bushwick, Brooklyn! Don't miss out; tune your Internet radio dial to Metropolitan Ave.! Thanks to our sponsor, Fairway Market.



"Placing music for artists can really make a big difference for them in terms of what they're going to do for the following six months to a year." [6:45]

-- Keith D'Arcy on Metropolitan Ave.