Recap (show 1): Humans have been eating mushrooms for thousands of years and have learned to cultivate some varieties along the way. Other species will only grow in the wild. These are often among the most expensive food items around. In this episode of Mic-ology, we take a ride with a distributor for Foraged and Found Edibles, to hear how wild mushrooms get from the ground to hungry diners in New York. And we talk with Kathi Lafferty, the “Mushroom Queen” of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania—the capital of the world for cultivated mushrooms. We also hear from director Jason Cortlund about his film Now, Forager, and get the recipe for a Romanian mushroom pastry. Our go-to mycologist, Gary Lincoff, tells us about a phallic mushroom that pops up all over NYC in the summer. This program was sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

Mushroom distributor Aaron Schaal sorts mushrooms at his apartment in Bushwick.