This week's featured farmer is Mike Miles. Mike  started the Anathoth Community Farm in 1986 as a center for the study of nonviolence, community, and sustainable living. His love of farming came from spending summers on his grandmother’s dairy farm in Michigan. Anathoth Farm was built from the ground up and comes right out of the pages of Mother Earth News: buildings with solar heating and hot water, composting toilets, greenhouses, and a 10,000 watt photovoltaic grid tie. Produce and maple syrup have been staple crops from the beginning with animal husbandry arriving on the scene about six years ago. After becoming aware of management intensive grazing and permaculture, Mike became a soil carbon cowboy. Steers, chickens, pigs, and cover crops are the tools he uses to build soil microorganisms while producing the tastiest, healthiest meat there is. Together with his wife Barb, Anathoth sponsors educational events on the farm to promote good health,sustainability, and justice for all.

"I gotta save the world with my agriculture then I have to save the world with my activism. I'm a hopeless 'save the world' kind of guy." [21:00]