On this week's HRN Happy Hour, Kat and Caity are joined by special guests: Rob Elliot and Nathan Littlewood from Urban Leaf and Paul Lebeau, Managing Director of Wolfgang Mock.

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The show begins with rapid fire headlines from the past week across the network and a recap of Kat & Caity's trip to Charlotte, North Carolina that included the International Symposium on Bread at Johnson & Wales University.

The group has a quick chat with Executive Director of Citymeals, Beth Shapiro about the affect SNAP budget cuts could have on our communities and what we can do to help.

Then, they spend some time talking to Paul, Rob, and Nate about home milling and home gardening and how these practices are better for us.

AND since we always end the show with trivia, we have a mash-up of grains and gardening questions for our guests!

Stick around after trivia for Kat's interview with Eli Sussman, host of The Line, about his outposts of Samesa and Ed & Bev's that reopen at Jacob Riis Bazaar on Memorial Day Weekend!


via geturbanleaf.com

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