A double-feature episode—Chefs Naomi Pomeroy and Pano Karatassos both have relatively new non-restaurant ventures in their lives. Naomi, based in Portland, Oregon, has opened—of all things—a flower shop. Why did this chef who already has a successful restaurant (Beast), bar (Expatriate), and cookbook (Taste & Technique) take on such a seemingly out-of-left-field enterprise? To find out, Andrew sat down with her at the shop, Colibri, for a free-flowing and wide-ranging conversation.

Version 2

Pano, based in Atlanta, Georgia, and known for his Greek seafood restaurant Kyma, just saw his first cookbook, Modern Greek Cooking, published. Andrew and Pano discuss his career (he came up cooking for Eric Ripert, Thomas Keller, and Jean-Georges Vongerichten) and the process of writing and producing one’s first cookbook. Two complementary interviews about how the chef’s mind and talents can be adapted to extra-kitchen pursuits.

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