This week on Native, Brianna Kurtz is joined by Danielle Chang, founder of LUCKYRICE. Danielle is an award-winning media entrepreneur. Prior to launching LUCKYRICE in 2010, she was CEO of Vivienne Tam, a fashion company. She was previously the founder and publisher of Simplycity Magazine and as well as the US head for Assouline, a French creative advertising agency. A graduate of Columbia University with a BA in Art History and a MA in Critical Theory, Danielle has also worked for Goldman Sachs, The New York Times and as a Professor of Contemporary Art History. Born in Taiwan, Danielle created LUCKYRICE to share her life-long affinity for Asian cuisine and lifestyle.This program was brought to you by Myriad Restaurant Group.

"Clearly our interest in asian food has changed, its way beyond Chinese take out, its way beyond a California roll." [3:00]

"I was never really targeting the Asian has always been very globally minded [Lucky Rice festivals]." [5:00]

-- Danielle Chang on Native