Pack your bags! Briana Kurtz is headed back to Vietnam and brings the Native audience another round of delectable Vietnamese dishes with guest Graham Holliday. A journalist and blogger from a small town in northern England, Graham explains he wasn't always keen on travel. But in his early twenties, a picture of Hanoi, Vietnam sparked a curiosity that propelled him halfway across the globe. He didn't want to be a tourist in an alien land, though; he was determined to live it. An ordinary guy who liked trying interesting food, he moved to the capital city and embarked on a quest to find real Vietnamese food, which brings Briana to chat about his new book "Eating Viet Nam: Dispatches from a Blue Plastic Table." Tune in as Graham shares not only his favorite part of Vietnamese food but also bites of the many fresh dishes, pungent and bursting with flavor, which he came to love while also distinguishing cultural and flavorful differences between northern and southern Vietnam. This program was brought to you by Myriad Restaurant Group.



"The thing is with Vietnamese food, generally, I can't think of one dish that doesn't take a long time to prepare."

"Vietnamese street food... the food is just one part of the street is the rest!"

--Graham Holliday on Native