This week on Native, host Briana Kurtz is sitting down with Ralf Kuettel, chef and owner of Trestle on Tenth and Rocket Pig in NYC. Delving right in, Ralf gives Briana a general overview of his home country of Switzerland, explaining the country's breakdown of nationalities as well as the typical meal structure observed daily plus special foods for holidays. Ralf goes on to share certain foods that are unique to Switzerland, such as rösti, which is a fried potato dish that can be served with eggs or other regional touches. Briana also gets the scoop on the beer, wine, and other spirits enjoyed by the Swiss. After the break, Ralf tells how he came to the United States and proceeded through trials and tribulations to open Trestle on Tenth and later, Rocket Pig. It was important that he stay true to his heritage and upbringing with these restaurants and also talks his thoughts on the overall restaurant experience. Tune in for a great interview and to hear what Ralf is looking forward to this spring! This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.

"When I opened Trestle on Tenth I wanted to focus on Swiss influence and my heritage and upbringing. I called it a Swiss brassiere." [20:00]

"I don't look at Switzerland as one culinary center anymore." [20:45]

"Food shouldn't just be a center stage of an experience going to a restaurant... it's getting together with friends." [23:25]

--Ralf Kuettel on Native