With Cinco de Mayo on the horizon, Native host Briana Kurtz has Master Distiller of T1 Tequila, Germán González, on the line! Discussing the differences between the American observance of the holiday and the day's meaning in Mexico, Germán shares that he thinks it's great that Americans embrace the day because it is a way to see history from another perspective. His family is deeply embedded in Mexico's history, whether it's bravely fighting for the Mexican people in the War of Reform, or participating in the French Intervention (aka Cinco de Mayo), the Gonzalez family is steeped in the Chinaco tradition of leadership, with his great grandfather having been the President of Mexico from 1880-1884. Taking note from his father who launched one of the first tequilas imported into the USA, he studied the distilling craft intensely before founding T1 Tequila. Tune in as he and Briana discuss the significant spirit, complete with insider details on the product and how to best enjoy a margarita! This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.



"The goal is to get the single malt whisky drinkers, cognac drinkers, to get them to taste this product because we believe it is on a higher level. We're raising the bar of the tequila quality." [16:50]

--Germán González on Native