On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Latin America becomes a food focal point through the lens of New Worlder, a website that explores the derivative cultures of the Latin world, focusing mainly on South America, yet doesn’t let you forget a large landmass of the Western United States was once part of Mexico. Cofounders Marie Elena Martinez & Nicholas Gill are globetrotters, authors of many global guidebooks for Fodor’s and Frommer’s, and have traveled from Argentina to Venezuela. They’ve been immersed in an array of Latin food experiences in Lima (like chef Virgilio Martinez’s Central restaurant, which Gill co-authored the cookbook for), Mexico City, and even within our own country: Miami, Los Angeles … which you can follow via their “Eat List”, which takes you to Buenos Aires for “La Escuela Argentina de los Parrilleros”, to learn how to live fire grill like Francis Mallmann, or go to Stefan Bederski’s Adina restaurant in Portland, Oregon, where he imports Peruvian produce from a third-generation farmer from Chincha (Peru). The Latin world is all around us, and New Worlder is our guide within.

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