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Happy New Year! Well, maybe not yet, but on the season wrap-up of Ask a Clean Person Jolie preps for the glamorous stains one might incur on New Year's Eve. Maureen O'Connor, New York Magazine's sex columnist and contributor at The Cut, is back in studio offering her own crazy New Year's stories, asking some tough questions of her own. Between glitter and confetti messes plus other floor-related triages, Jolie and Maureen conquer the dreaded champaign stain!  After the break, the duo breaks down New Year's Resolutions as well as cleaning goals for 2016.  Tune in for a great episode!


"I don't want you to say this year is going to be the year that I purge my closet, I never let junk mail into the home, and I make my bed everyday, and I'm always on top of my laundry. That's too much. Pick one thing to master, and if I had to make a suggestion - making the bed everyday!" [27:45]

--Jolie Kerr on Ask a Clean Person