This week on Beer Sessions Radio Jimmy is joined by Jason Sahler of Strong Rope Brewing, Chad Zimar of Steuben Brewing, Kara Johnston from Chimney Bluffs Hoppery and Chris Holden of Crooked Creek Hops. Currently New York Farm Breweries are required to source 20% of their ingredients from NY State, but in 2019 this will increase to 60%. These guests are ahead of the curve though and have traveled from across New York to talk about their commitment to local ingredients. The first beer they pour is Steuban’s Mount Pleasant, part of the brewery’s local liquid series and made from 100% NY ingredients, including a hop from Seneca Falls called ‘New York.’ Efforts are underway to learn more about NY hops through genetic research. It’s agreed upon that good beer is dependent on high quality ingredients and these brewers are committed to educating their customers about the hops, malts, and farmers contributing to their brews.

Community in the beer industry is strong inside New York and across the globe. Ken Grossman, the owner and founder of Sierra Nevada calls in to talk about his most recent project: Resilience IPA. This beer is being brewed and sold across the country and the world to raise money for those affected by the California Wildfires. Listen to the full episode to learn more about how this movement spread so quickly and check out Sierra Nevada’s website to find a brewery selling Resilience near you.

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