Food truck chefs and their staff wear many hats: Part culinary innovators, part entrepreneurs, part duct-tape surgeons, part land-yacht navigators, they're on the frontline of bringing food to the people. Sometimes amusing, sometimes painful, their stories bring to light some of the inherent problems of operating a "non-traditional" dining experience. We discuss the realities of taking a food business to the streets, and how these four food truck operators navigate their everyday roadblocks to bring you gourmet meals on the go.


Patrick Rathbone, The Big Cheese (D.C.)

Jonathan Coffman, Eatbox Food Truck (Jackson, TN)

Daniel Krause, The Cracked Truck, (Champaign, IL)

Jen Buckallew, Poutine Your Mouth (Salt Lake City, UT)

Moderated by Allison Hamlin, Deputy Director of Heritage Radio Network