What makes Bristol Bay salmon so special? Find out on a brand new episode of The Farm Report. Host Erin Fairbanks is joined by Chef William Dissen, chef/owner of Market Place Restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina and fisherman Chris Nicholson to talk about Alaska's Bristol Bay and the salmon that run there. Chef Dissen won a scholarship through Chef's Collaborative to visit the Bristol Bay fisheries and shares his takeaways from the experience. Chris Nicholson has been fishing the area for years and adds his insights to the conversation. He also gives listeners an explanation of the Pebble Mine situation threatening the Bristol Bay region. This program was brought to you by Tabard Inn.

"In my career as a chef, I've seen grouper that 10 years ago used to be 30 pound fish on average now coming in as a 5-6 pound fish. You really have a connection with that when you're ordering it and filleting it on a daily basis and realizing something is happening here." [06:00]

"Bristol Bay feels like the edge of the world. Using adjectives like raw, epic and natural are an understatement." [14:00]

--William Dissen on The Farm Report