Murder, Murder, Murder. Kill, Kill, Kill! Join Nicole and Z for a very spooky HALLOWEEN EPISODE! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll stick your hand in a bowl of spaghetti and think it’s live worms! Plus the stories behind your favorite candies and a live on air human sacrifice! So bite in to a live toad and bob for apples till you drowned, it’s Life’s a Banquet the podcast!

Join Heritage Radio Network on Monday, November 11th, for a raucous feast to toast a decade of food radio. Our tenth anniversary bacchanal is a rare gathering of your favorite chefs, mixologists, storytellers, thought leaders, and culinary masterminds. We’ll salute the inductees of the newly minted HRN Hall of Fame, who embody our mission to further equity, sustainability, and deliciousness. Explore the beautiful Palm House and Yellow Magnolia Café, taste and imbibe to your heart’s content, and bid on once-in-a-lifetime experiences and tasty gifts for any budget at our silent auction. Tickets available now at

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