On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, with a vegetarian Hindu father from North India, and a Catholic mother from Goa in the South, a former Portuguese colony, Nik Sharma was born in Bombay to a polytheistic family, that celebrated the regional flavors in their diverse national cuisine. Nik moved to San Francisco as a molecular biologist, working in the pharmaceutical industry, but rather than splicing genes, he yearned for more time to hone his chops in the kitchen. In a leap of faith, Nik trained as a pastry chef, and found his father’s photography profession, help document his food, and the processes behind his creations for his award winning blog, A Brown Table. Inflecting simple dishes with Indian accents, like North Indian-Style Scrambled Eggs, Grilled Spicy Sweet Corn, Honey Sage Tumeric Wings, Goan Chili Rolls (not Hot Dogs), and Carrot Halva Ice Cream, Nik brought his own masala (spice) to his assimilated cuisine, dispelling the misconceptions that Indian food is greater than naan.

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*all photos courtesy of Nik Sharma