Ahhh, the crockpot. We all have one, and maybe even use it to make soup, or beans…or just to keep the hot dogs warm. But Crockpot Whisperer, Kathy Hester has a completely different take on the crockpot. In fact, she has a bit of a crockpot obsession (she owns more than 15). But these aren’t just for show, she really knows how to get the most out of this little machine. Megan and Tricia talk to Kathy about how to “listen” to your crockpot, what makes some recipes really work and others fail…and she even inspires us to bake potatoes, and birthday cake in the crockpot. Really. Kathy has written various books on this theme and blogs at Healthy Slow Cooking. You just may need to dust off that crockpot in your basement!