Thinking of coming to the No Farms No Food Rally on March 13th? It's easier than you might think! Tune in to a special recording as we chat with American Farmland Trust Senior New York Project and Outreach Manager, Laura Ten Eyck. Laura works with farmers and communities in eastern New York, with a special focus on efforts to protect farmland in the Hudson River Valley. She has been a New York representative for American Farmland Trust since 2009, serving before that as a freelance writer for American Farmland magazine and then as a field consultant working with towns to develop agriculture and farmland protection plans. Find out exactly how the rally will be organized and learn more about the planned activities for the day. If you are headed to the state capital on March 13th, check out this segment, and learn why you don't need to be a professional lobbyist to make a difference and have your voice heard - learn more about the No Farms No Food Rally here and be sure to be there! This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

Tune in to part two of our podcast series to learn about AFT's top three priorities for the rally and part three for advocacy tips.

This is a forum for regular people to come. We set everything up - you don't have to worry about where to go. We divide everybody into lobby teams and each team will have a leader who will bring the group directly to the offices." [8:30]

--American Farmland Trust Senior New York Project and Outreach Manager, Laura Ten Eyck