Thinking of coming to the No Farms No Food rally on March 13th, 2013? Learn to lobby with environmental lobbyist and consultant, Jeff Jones! HRN's Leah Eden and Erin Fairbanks call up Jeff to discuss lobbying strategies. Who should rally participants expect to meet, and how should one engage a senator or representative? Listen in to hear Jeff talk about the importance of participating in direct democratic actions, and why a diversity of voices need to be heard at Albany. If you're headed to the state capital on March 13th, check out this segment, and know what to expect when you arrive at the rally! Thanks to our sponsor, Hearst Ranch.

Tune in to part one of our podcast series for an overview of the rally and part two to learn about AFT's top three priorities for the rally.



"This is one way to be directly engaged in democracy, and there are a lot of people coming through Albany this time of year- especially because they're making decisions about the state budget." [4:15]

"If you can establish a human connection, you go a long way toward opening the channel of communication." [20:45]

-- Jeff Jones on No Farms, No Food Rally