Derek Evers and Christopher Robbins invite Arizona psych-punks Destruction Unit into the studio to talk heat, volume, and spirit animals. Tune into this episode of Nothing Urgent to hear Destruction Unit talk about the music scene in and around Phoenix. Find out why Jes Aurelius of Destruction Unit has made it his mission to connect prisoners with the music and literature from the Ascetic House collective. Hear how the band's tendency towards abrasive volume demands attention, and what that means for show-goers' attention spans. Later, Laura Nahmias, writer for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, City and State, and Vice, joins the crowd in the HRN studios to talk about the NYC Mayoral Primaries. Learn why Christine Quinn suffered despite high-profile endorsements. Why has a left-wing city like New York historically supported Republicans in recent years? Find out all of this and more on this week's edition of Nothing Urgent! Thanks to our sponsor, S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.



"I'm very cynical, and I don't expect anything to change, but yesterday was definitely a 'game-changer' kind of day." [37:00]

"Voters were not thinking that we needed an openly-gay mayor because of gay marriage issues. We already have that!" [44:10]

"Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans in this city six-to-one. But we haven't had a Democratic mayor since Dinkins." [48:20]

-- Laura Nahmias on Nothing Urgent