Derek Evers and Christopher Robbins are celebrating the two-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street on the 'Anarchist Edition' of Nothing Urgent. Nathan Schneider, journalist and author of Thank You, Anarchy, joins Derek and Chris in the studio to talk about his book, and how his experiences with the Occupy organizers caused him to shed his role as a reporter and join the cause. Greg Fox (GDFX, founding member of Guardian Alien) also stops by to talk his experiences volunteering in the kitchen at the Occupy camps in Zuccotti Park. Tune into this episode to hear discussions regarding public space, and how the laws in our country discourage people from gathering in common areas. How have experiences abroad taught Nathan and Greg about community and freedom? How was the Occupy movement involved with disaster relief after Sandy? Listen in for more about the magic of Occupy Wall Street, and whether or not the movement has completely lost momentum. This program has been brought to you by Tekserve.

"Something about this movement calls you to shed your professional trappings and just act as a human being." [17:20]

-- Nathan Schneider on Nothing Urgent