Welcome to the CMJ 2013 Edition of Nothing Urgent! Derek Evers sits down with Hunters, Palehound, Darl Ferm of Speedy Ortiz, Steve and Theo Hartlett of Ovlov, and Dan Goldin and Dave Spak of Exploding in Sound Records. Hear about the differences between the Boston, Philadelphia, and New York City underground music scenes. Is CMJ an exciting time for all of these bands, or do they find it another music industry expendable? Hear about Hunters' visit to the PEZ factory, and learn why Derek hates Boston. This program has been brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.


"All of our favorite bands were local bands, and it seemed that these bands could keep releasing these records on Bandcamp, or we could put out a proper release and have people actually hear them." [8:45]

-- Dan Goldin on Nothing Urgent