Derek Evers and Christopher Robbins recap the NYC Mayoral election on this week's installment of Nothing Urgent. Aaron Short of City & State rejoins the program to discuss specific ballot measures, voter turnout, and more. Find out what challenges Bill de Blasio faces in office, and how he can maintain public support. Will the proliferation of casinos and gambling actually help fund institutions like universal pre-k and property tax? Tune in to find out why Aaron was so disappointed by Bill de Blasio's victory party! Later, photographer Tod Seelie stops by the program to talk about the release of his new photography book, Bright Nights. Joining Tod is Ian Vanek of Japanther- a longtime friend and ex-roommate! Listen in to hear about Tod and Ian's knack for adventure, and find out why Tod never leaves his camera at home. This program has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures.



"I think Bill de Blasio has been underestimated for a big portion of his career." [29:10]

"Bill de Blasio's biggest problem is not going to be the union negotiations, but the wider amount of support's disappointment in some areas... he's not the left wing savior that people think he might be." [30:15]

-- Aaron Short on Nothing Urgent

"The rise of the condo is not overstated, but it's not going to kill the underbelly." [43:15]

"Every time I didn't bring my camera with me, I regretted it." [55:00]

-- Tod Seelie on Nothing Urgent