Nothing Urgent is celebrating the holiday with some talk about the NYPD, Brooklyn, and guitar shredding! Harry Siegel, editorial columnist and writer for the New York Daily News, joins the program to talk about his article regarding police transparency in New York City. Tune in to hear Derek Evers, Christopher Robbins, and guest co-host Dayna Evans chat with Harry about the changes to the NYPD under new Commissioner Bratton, and new Mayor de Blasio. How has the branding of Brooklyn made new residents less invested in their neighborhoods? Later, Marnie Stern joins the program to talk about puns, C.S. Lewis, and her most recent record called The Chronicles of Marnia. Hear how Marnie went on a date in order to promote her record! Why is so hard for Marnie to find people to play in her band? How does attractiveness play into success in the music world? Find out all of this and more on this week's edition of Nothing Urgent! This program has been brought to you by Regional Access.



"I think a calmer real estate market and a flatter Wall Street will do a lot of good for the city." [18:15]

-- Harry Siegel on Nothing Urgent