Nothing Urgent is back in 2014, and Derek Evers and Chris Robbins kick of the year with Tonstartssbandht. Brothers Andy and Edwin formed the band while living separately in New York and Montreal, and have roots in Orlando. Learn how an elaborate scheme allowed Tonstartssbandht to tour in Russia, and hear about their final appearance at 285 Kent. Later, Morgan Fox of Marijuana Policy Project calls into discuss Governor Cuomo's recent medical marijuana musings. Hear why Morgan believes the policies will be prohibitively expensive and not serve sick people in need. Are the policies a step backward for marijuana legalization? Find out on this week's edition of Nothing Urgent! Thanks to our sponsor, Many Kitchens.


"Every politician that's reading the newspaper is seeing that the politicians that are legalizing marijuana for adults are all over the news right now. They look at that and are trying to hitch their horses to that wagon." [43:00]

-- Morgan Fox on Nothing Urgent