Derek Evers and Chris Robbins kick off this week's edition of Nothing Urgent with another Canadian musician: Mac DeMarco. You might know Mac from his recent acclaimed record, 2. Now, Mac is a Bushwick resident! Tune into this episode to hear why Mac prefers a nomadic lifestyle, and why he couldn't care less about hockey. What interesting new music is coming out of Mac's hometown of Edmonton, Ontario? Hear more about Mac's road rage, and his ginger ale preferences. Later, Max Rivlin-Nadler, writer for Gothamist, explains civil forfeiture, and how it is affecting NYC citizens. Why are innocent people having to give their money to the NYPD, and why are taxpayers paying the difference? Later, Mac wraps up the episode by answering several questions from Twitter. Thanks to our sponsor, Tekserve.


"In 85% of cases involving civil forfeiture, the individual is not even charged... in other words, they're innocent." [34:45]

-- Max Rivlin-Nadler on Nothing Urgent