Derek Evers and guest co-host Dayna Evans are talking about the future with Nashville’s Diarrhea Planet and Devon Maloney, writer for Pitchfork and Wired. Derek and Dayna play everyone’s favorite game, ‘two truths and lie’, with Diarrhea Planet. Find out if any members of the band have been in a cop movie, and hear from guitarist Brent ‘out of context’. Later, Devon Maloney talks about why publishers are shying away from writing about dystopia. Is it because dystopian futurism mirrors modern day? Find out on this week’s episode of Nothing Urgent! Thanks to our sponsor, Heritage Foods USA.



“During the Olympics, a whole lot of money is made and lost by different parties, and this year, it seems so strange… Russia has spent 51 billion dollars on the Olympics, which is more than many countries’ GDP.” [21:15]

“These things that sound crazy in dystopian fiction are actually happening.” [25:45]

Devon Maloney on Nothing Urgent