It’s the douchiest episode of Nothing Urgent ever! This week, Derek Evers and Christopher Robbins sit down with Irene Plagianos, writer for DNA Info. Recently the oldest douche in New York was uncovered in City Hall, and we aren’t talking politicians. Learn about Chrysalis Archeologist Consultants, and some of the artifacts uncovered that tell the history of New York. When did the douche become unpopular? Later, Big Ups (fronted by Nothing Urgent’s producer) joins the program to talk about their new record, songwriting, and their experiences in the audio engineering realm. Find out when Big Ups will be touring to a town near you! Thanks to our sponsor, Heritage Foods USA.

“Women used these astringents that were made from root barks mixed with water- they would shoot these mixtures into themselves either before or after sex because it would constrict blood vessels. They thought that this would keep you from getting pregnant.” [7:10]

Irene Plagianos on Nothing Urgent