Derek Evers and Chris Robbins are talking 'stop & frisk' with reporter Ryan Devereaux on this week's episode of Nothing Urgent. Ryan has contributed to publications such as The Guardian and Village Voice, and has recently been covering the federal 'stop & frisk' trials. Tune into this episode to learn more about the controversy surrounding the 'stop & frisk' trials, and how the policy is affecting communities citywide. How has the practice influenced crime rates? What are the thresholds for a 'stop & frisk' search? After a musical break featuring new tracks from the likes of Lee Bannon and Bryant Dope, Derek and Chris call up Alex Levine, the bassist and lead vocalist of Brooklyn's The So So Glos. Listen in to hear about The Glos' tour shenanigans, and how they are dealing with their recent 'glo-ing' press. This program has been sponsored by Tekserve.

"The cops are saying that these quotas are causing them to handcuff kids for no reason. They're throwing people up against the wall just to make numbers." [5:30]

"The relationship between the police department and communities of color is rapidly declining in this city." [14:40]

-- Ryan Devereaux on Nothing Urgent