Nothing Urgent takes a somber tone this week; Derek Evers covers the recent shooting and subsequent closing of Big Snow Buffalo Lodge. Joining Derek is journalist Dale Eisinger, who recently reported on the incident in The Village Voice. Dale recounts the events of the shooting, and how it has affected the DIY music community in Brooklyn. Hear about the decision to close Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, and find out about the victim, Yoni David, and his condition. Dale and Derek play tribute to the space; hear what distinguished Big Snow from other venues, and how their sense of hospitality made all bands and patrons and feel welcome. Thanks to our sponsor, Hearst Ranch.


“No one goes into situations at DIY venues where they think they are going to have a conflict with the outside world. It’s generally a very insular experience.” [8:35]

“There seems to be some subtext that the shot was intended for Big Snow, but there is no evidence that that’s true.” [17:45]

Dale Eisinger on Nothing Urgent