Admittedly, it's a dry week for news- but Derek Evers and Christopher Robbins are digging into one of New York City's biggest sports scandals! Derek and Chris call up Ben Mathis-Lilley, BuzzFeed's Sports Editor, to talk about Alex Rodriguez's suspension for using performance enhancing drugs. Why are baseball fans so outraged by athletes' steroid usage; why haven't PEDs become part of the game? Why are other professional sports fans less scandalized by drug use? Later, John Atkinson of Aa stops by the studio to talk about the band's long history in Brooklyn, and why they have decided to play shows again. Hear about John's move to Los Angeles, and tune in to hear a few amusing stories from the road. Thanks to our sponsor, Tekserve.


"Alex Rodriguez has demonstratively lied about using these PEDs. Major League Baseball has not put into place any measures to stop players from using PEDs or eradicating them at a minor league level." [13:20]

"The reason why the steroid scandal still exists in the MLB is because of all of the posturing on all sides." [15:45]

-- Ben Mathis-Lilley on Nothing Urgent