On July 17th, 2013, Dr. Marion Nestle moderated a discussion about food and health in New York City with six of NYC’s mayoral candidates. The event has been dubbed the NYC Mayoral Food Forum 2013, and HRN’s Sari Kamin is here to recap the event. Find out where some of NYC’s mayoral candidates stand on issues like childhood nutrition, access to school lunches, and local food. Hear from food professionals such as St. John’s Bread & Life’s Christy Robb, HRN’s Katy Keiffer, and Just Food’s Nadia Johnson! Are the candidates really securing good food for the city’s future? Find out this and more in this segment, and stay tuned for continued coverage of the mayoral race.

“I think this a real statement of the maturity of the food movement. We were able to get together, make a statement, and do what we learn about in our food advocacy classes.” [4:50]

Dr. Marion Nestle on the NYC Mayoral Food Forum 2013