On Friday March 13, 2020 the senior students of New York City’s Food and Finance High School got their senior sweaters. Part of the graduation traditions, they were scheduled to take their class photo on Monday. Before that could happen, NY announced all public schools closing on Monday, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Instead of gathering together for a commemorative picture, the school’s students, staff and supporters, sprang into action to put together food resources and fundraisers for student families. On this episode of Tech Bites, host Jennifer Leuzzi talks with Eliza Loehr - Executive Director, Kat Taveras - Program Manager and Niyah Rivers - FFHS Senior, about the virtual ending to the school year, and celebrating graduation from afar. To learn more about Food and Finance High School, or to make a donation visit FoodFinanceHS.org. Episode 209 of Tech Bites is made possible by the generosity of Square.

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