Christian Page is the chef / co-owner of one of Los Angeles’ most iconic lunch counters and burger joints, Cassell’s Hamburgers. Originally opened in 1948, Cassell’s rose to wide acclaim before shuttering in 2012. Christian and his partner Jingbo Lou resurrected the brand in late 2014 in the Hotel Normandie–they now have a second location in DTLA–and began once again slinging some of the best burgers and patty melts in the country. We return to Dangerbird Records’ studio in LA, and things get loud and fun with a visit and performance from SGV hardcore band Hungry Ass Youth. Formed in 2007 by best friends David “Flea” Ayon (guitar) and Jessie Castro (vox), the band has a devoted following for its comic stylings and odes to fast food, weight issues and anti-health.

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