This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy hosts Justin Phillips and his team from Beer Table for a special tasting. Jimmy and Justin along with Megan Saxelby, Noah Levin, and Gavin Murphy taste a handful of distinct beers, which all share one ingredient: smoked malts. The origin of the beers ranges: from Bamberg, Germany, the world’s largest supplier of malts; to Scandinavian countries like Norway and Finland; all the way to Vermont where one beer was made by the Von Trapp family of the Sound of Music. The conversation covered the delicacy of smoky flavors, which varied from rich and meaty to the woodiness one might recognize in a scotch. As everyone tried to pinpoint the evocative sensation a smoked malt beer can provide, some suggested that looking to writing on cocktails, wine, and even perfumes can help anyone working to train their palette.

Tasting List:
Threes Short Fuse
Von Trapp Trösten Lager
Schlenkerla Urbock
Haandbryggeriet Bestefar
Prykmestar Savu Kataja
Hair of the Dog Adam
Del Ducato Verdi Anniversario 200

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