Ask a Clean Person is on the chopping block this week as Jolie Kerr is in studio with Daniel Gritzer and Lesley Stockton talking knife and cutting board care. Daniel is the Culinary Director at Serious Eats, where he writes about food, cooking, and recipes, with an eye to obsessive recipe testing and myth-busting while Lesley is a staff writer and the test kitchen manager at The Sweethome who has been working in restaurant, catering, and test kitchens for almost two decades. Between why you should never put a chef's knife in the dishwasher, the right way to hand-wash, and a gruesome slicing story, plus cleaning advice for the faithful cutting board, this episode is not to be missed!

By Themightyquill (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

"You can't get tetanus from ingesting a little bit of rust: you'll be fine!"

--Lesley Stockton on Ask a Clean Person

"What you want to do is take a food grade mineral oil once in a while... and you do want to saturate the wooden cutting board in that because it will absorb the oil and that helps impregnate it a bit so it's less prone to absorbing other liquids."

--Daniel Gritzer on Ask a Clean Person