Eric Toensmeier turned a lot in Holyoke, Massachusetts into a permaculture paradise brimming with food! Tune into this segment to hear HRN's Erin Fairbanks chat with Eric about permaculture in opposition to gardening and the urban agriculture movement. Hear why Eric decided to document his lot and tell its story in Paradise Lot. Learn more about the rustbelt city of Holyoke, and how racial and ethnic tensions have caused the city to ban chicken farming within the city's limits. Learn more about the tenets of permaculture, and its connection to natural processes! This segment has been sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.


"The challenge in the urban ag movement is that the drivers are non-profits, and there's not enough money to fund an urban farm in every city- and there needs to be one in every city in the country." [10:20]

-- Eric Toensmeier, author of Paradise Lot